• Ideas Engineered for Aerospace Ideas Engineered for Aerospace

    In the aerospace industry temperatures range from intensely hot to conditions as cold as the arctic.  We provide a range of flexible graphite solutions that accommodate both extremes.  Our fluid sealing engineers understand the high demands of propulsion systems for rockets, missiles and aircraft and have developed a series of seals, gaskets and graphite-based bearings to meet very specific performance requirements.

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  • Ideas Engineered for Heavy Truck and Automotive Ideas Engineered for Heavy Truck and Automotive

    The demand on engine and exhaust system’s has increased dramatically.  Reducing vehicle emissions, leakage and weight and improving fuel efficiency with higher operating temperatures has raised a real challenge for OEM engineers… how to seal the ever-expanding number of connection points between the power plant, exhaust and air handling systems.  EGC has the answer.

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  • Ideas Engineered for Power Generation Ideas Engineered for Power Generation

    Process knowledge has evolved in the Power Generation Industry and recently, the changes have happened at an accelerated rate.  New plants have to cycle more frequently often starting-up and shutting-down numerous times in a single day. The wear and tear on valves, pumps, boilers and piping equipment has increased while maintenance outages must be completed faster with fewer resources.

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  • Ideas Engineered for Petro Chemical and Refining Ideas Engineered for Petro Chemical and Refining

    Processors and equipment manufacturers in the Petro-Chemical and Refining are held to stringent fugitive emissions regulations.  Valves, pumps and piping systems, which transport process media, must maintain “low-leak” performance and fines for nonconformance can be excessive.  EGC’s technical staff understands these demands.

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  • Ideas Engineered for Materials Ideas Engineered for Materials

    When raw material selection is of critical importance, EGC delivers Thermafoil® flexible graphite.  Each material is carefully selected to ensure conformance to density, bulk and content uniformity.  EGC materials are available in Thermafoil sheet and rolls, laminated sheet and rolls, ribbon-pack (universal packing), adhesive backed tapes (gasket or thread sealant), Thermacord (a braided yarn) and ThermaMat (filler, additive and reinforcement).

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  • Ideas Engineered for Thermal Management Ideas Engineered for Thermal Management

    Q-Foil® thin-film, flexible heaters have become critical in applications where light-weight, low-profile components provide rapid response, superior thermal transfer and uniform temperature across an entire heater surface. From industrial to electronics to medical, Q-Foil out-performs conventional metallic elements by as much as 35% and can save you up to 50% on electrical energy consumption.

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A 2ppm Fugitive Emissions Packing That's Guaranteed for 5 years.

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Pioneers in Flexible Graphite

EGC Enterprises has pioneered the use of flexible graphite in fluid sealing and thermal management applications for high heat, high pressure and high stakes applications. We have over 30 years of experience serving some of the world's most recognized companies in aerospace, transportation, power generation and commercial applications. And that experience makes us a very quick study when it comes to finding fast solutions to virtually any need. Call us at 800-342-0211 or e-mail us at insidesales@egc-ent.com with your questions. We'll provide quick, authoritative answers.

New Products

Thermafoil 2236-CLE delivers the best results in controlling emissions averaging 2ppmv with NO gland adjustment (acceptable EPA level is 100 ppmv).


Watch these videos featuring graphite pressure seals and learn why metal is a thing of the past.