Hugh Slater

Chief Executive Officer

Hugh has had a passion for the mountains since he was in grade school. He’s climbed eight peaks over 14,000 feet in Colorado, the Grand Tetons in Wyoming and the 20,320 foot Denali, the largest mountain range in North America. But climbing mountains isn’t his biggest challenge. Taking this business to the next level is.

After considering a host of companies, the Slater identified EGC as an acquisition target due to its perfect fit of capabilities and growth potential. “The company is a solutions provider”, recalls the new CEO, Hugh Slater. “We look at a problem, find a creative solution and supply the products that work for each customer and their markets. It’s just one of the things that EGC does so well.”

Hugh previously served as President of NAVCO LLC, a component manufacturer for heavy trucks, heavy equipment and military vehicles. Prior to this role, he led the Oatey Company’s Asian subsidiary. Splitting time between the Cleveland, OH and Shanghai China offices, Hugh was responsible for procurement, engineering, manufacturing and sales to the Chinese market. Oatey is a diverse manufacturer of engineered chemical and discrete products for the plumbing and construction industries.

Mr. Slater received a B.S. in Economics from Boston College and an M.B.A. from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management. Hugh serves on the board of the PEBCO, an industrial design and manufacturing company in the bulk material handling industry. Hugh currently resides in Cleveland Heights, Ohio with his wife, Brooke, and two children.

“I’m an early adopter of technology to solve problems in different ways,” says Hugh. “I’m also a big believer in lean manufacturing. To me, lean is about delivering value to the customer. It’s listening to what a customer wants and knowing whether it comes from the supply chain or specific product attributes. It’s eliminating all of the excesses and providing value that keeps the customer coming back.”

“The operation here is very advanced for a company this size,” continued Hugh. “And I think, because of the components we make for diesel trucks and power generation, flexible graphite will help us protect the environment from contaminates and move us toward cleaner transportation and power generation.”

AustinCarosello2Austin Carosello


As a Lieutenant in the United States Coast Guard, Austin could continue his second tour in the Alaskan shipping lanes or help to start up a small business with his aviator friend Bob Rutherford in Mentor, Ohio. His interest in aviation took precedence over his sea faring ways.

As president, Austin is responsible for the implementation of the EGC Quality Management System, a program that he coauthored. He is responsible for monitoring and controlling costs, resource management of all personnel and capital equipment and managing new products, engineered projects and new process development.

In addition, he establishes customer programs to secure new business, manages patent programs and agreements with customers, is the project manager for new facilities acquisition and conducts annual reviews for department managers including engineering, customer service, quality control and plant supervisors. Occasionally he serves as the tie-breaker in the decision making process when Bernie and Bob are deadlocked.

Austin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications from Kent State University. In 1974 he earned a private pilots license and was commissioned as Ensign in the United States Coast Guard in Yorktown, Virginia, in 1977. He is happily married, has a son and a daughter, and lives in Concord Township, Ohio.

Jeff Bernthisel

Vice President

Jeff is the Vice President for EGC’s Fluid Sealing and Thermal Management products. His responsibilities include marketing and managing the entire network of direct sales and the EGC distribution network. “I’ve always enjoyed competing in baseball, football, golf and coaching. So it’s only natural that I became a sales guy because I love the competition of winning customers’ business. It’s a challenge every day and very exciting to be part of such a creative team as we have at EGC,” says Jeff.

“What I appreciate most about being at EGC are the people. Our management team, engineers and production people work extremely well together,” says the thirteen-year veteran. “We’ve become experts at solving customer problems. We’re a cohesive team with cross-functional communication capability that let’s everyone knows when and how he or she can help. It’s pretty spectacular.”

At EGC, there’s no room for boredom. “There are just so many good things we can do for a customer,” says Jeff. “Everything from keeping the electricity on by sealing a critical power plant steam valve with our VSG Pro pressure seal to ensuring the integrity of a jet engine fuel system with one of our Tri-Clad seals or gaskets. And that doesn’t even include the thermal management projects we’re involved in, which one of by the way is saving a major grocery chain about $2mm a year.”

During his sales and marketing career Jeff has worked in industrial distribution and the swimming pool industry, while spending most of his years with OEM automotive and industrial sealing products manufacturers. Jeff is a 1987 graduate of the University of Toledo with a BS in Marketing and Management and holds one patent. He lives with his wife Sharon in Whitehouse, Ohio (near Toledo) and has three grown daughters.

Brian Biller

Chief Engineer

Brian is responsible for EGC’s Manufacturing and R&D Engineering departments, and primarily focuses on product development and technical support for company’s customers and staff. Brian enjoys using his well rounded materials and processing knowledge to help EGC’s design team improve product designs, solve customers’ problems and optimize processes. This is what Brian, an expert in material science, says about designing with EGC’s primary raw material: “Flexible graphite as a raw material is very diverse in that it can be used to create products for fluid sealing, resistive heating, induction heating and heat transfer. It’s this product diversity that makes my job so exciting and challenging at the same time.”

Brian has been with EGC since 2000 filling several engineering related positions, most recently being promoted to Chief Engineer in 2012. Brian spent his first two years after high school at Lakeland Community College before transferring to the University at Buffalo to finish his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He currently holds three U.S. Patents. He is an avid angler who targets bass, walleye and steelhead trout in his spare time. Brian was born in the Cleveland area and today lives in Mentor, Ohio with his family.

Mike Bartos

Q-Foil Product Development Manager

Mike Bartos is the Q-Foil Product Development Manager. It’s an engineering position with responsibilities for design, development and testing of thin film heaters and thermal interface materials for the Thermal Systems Group.

When asked about his “vision” for Thermal Systems, Mike’s response was “ to grow”. “This part of the company has the real potential to grow to be as big or bigger than fluid sealing and, I want to make a major contribution to that.”

“Right now”, said Mike, “I’m working on project for a chain of grocery stores. By replacing their always-on produce packaging system with the instant on technology of Q-Foil, we can save them $2 million in electricity a year. That’s pretty impressive.”

Mike is formerly from Ithaca, New York. He has an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering from Harbor State Technical College and lives with his wife, a dog and a cat, in Chardon, Ohio.

David Hageman

Director of Research and Development

David Hageman is Director of Research and Development at EGC. For three years, he has supervised the brainpower from a host of engineering and management personnel. His primary function is to provide guidance and channel the collective energy at EGC into creating a profitable product that meets a customer need. He is responsible for managing all R & D projects, keeping them on track and within budget.

David brings 30 years of design experience and management to the company. He has developed systems that allow project leaders to effectively document what they do and easily identify next steps and target deadlines. Says David “the program helps management prioritize and evaluate the potential impact on profit for every project.”

David is a 1974 graduate of Kent State University and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Arts. He is also a member of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) F-16.03. He currently holds 14 US Patents. David has been married for 41 years, has two grown children and lives in Chagrin Falls, OH.

Dario OrtizDario Ortiz

Plant Manager

Driven, effective and enthusiastic. Those are some ways to describe EGC’s Plant Manager, Dario Ortiz. He’s responsible for making certain that the entire production operation runs smoothly and efficiently. In other words he’s, in large part, held accountable for the total performance of the company.

Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Dario has been with EGC for nine years. He started as an electrical engineer for a new product called Q-Foil and, over time, learned every piece of the business.

“From the start of my life, my role model and best friend was my Dad. He help me started a business and he believed in me, I eventually moved to the US”, said Dario. “But, from him I learned what’s required of a company and it’s employees to be successful. It all leads to greater profitability.”

Seldom in his office, Dario is engaged in helping train all employees and make sure that they comply with ISO/AS certifications, improving production equipment for better results, keeping inventory levels at a minimum, establishing and enforcing suppliers and seeing that the facilities, including the roof, foundation and HVAC systems, are up-to-snuff.

In his spare time, Dario rides his bicycle and plays guitar (mostly at lunchtime). He has a 1993 Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering (a five year program) from the Universidad Rafael Urdaneta, is happily married (to a lovely woman from Dallas, Texas), the father of three and lives in Mentor, Ohio.

Thom JessupThom Jessup

Sales Manager

As the Aftermarket Engineering Product Manager, Thomas is responsible for driving development and new business opportunities for new products and services while managing the outside sales representatives.

“At EGC, I believe that if you really apply yourself, you can achieve great things,” said Thom. He began his career at EGC nearly 15 years ago sweeping floors. While attending school for machine trades he worked his way up to the tool room supervisor. Then, while going to engineering school, Thom moved to the production engineering department where he learned to produce part drawings and design tooling.

While there, Thom said, “I hated having to tell a customer I would get back to them with an answer. I wanted them to know the answer to their question as soon as they asked It.” His eagerness to answer these questions lead him to designing parts by taking on any project he could get his hands on. Ultimately, he took on the responsibility of engineering manager for both research and development and production.

EGC awarded him a Sales Engineering position in the Carolina’s. “There wasn’t much in the OEM business so I decided to focus on the aftermarket.” said Thomas. e took the HToday, Thomas is the top sales person for our aftermarket products including our VSG and VSG Pro seals. Goes to show what happens when you aspire to greatness.

Thomas is an affiliate with the Fluid Sealing Association and Fluid Leak Management User’s Group and won the first ever EGC “Lifetime Achievement Award” back in 2007. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and 4 children.

John SeubertJohn L. Seubert

Business Development Manager for the Western US

John enjoys supporting customers in real time with their needs. “I have the opportunity to bring all the resources of the EGC engineering staff, production department and customer service to solve customers’ problems quickly and efficiently,” says John.

John is responsible for key account management in the western U.S., which includes business development and maintaining and enhancing, whenever possible, the EGC reputation and brand. “I greatly enjoy working with design engineers in aerospace, the industrial designers in fluid sealing and the thermal management folks for our Q-Foil heater product line.”

John has been with EGC for over five years and was in stiff competition with flexible graphite seals for over 30 years, so he is well versed in understanding the merits of the material. “My primary contribution to EGC’s profitability is to provide timely information for every opportunity that a customer puts before us. Understanding the ‘value’ the customer places on the EGC solution is key to our mutual success,” says John.

John majored in organic chemistry and attended the University of Maryland. He is a volunteer and member of the Wounded Warrior Foundation, an organization that helps injured and disabled veterans who led the war against terrorism. He is an avid golfer, hiker, target shooter and gourmet cook. He has been married since 1983, has one child and three grandchildren, and lives in Placentia, California.

Duane H. Frager

Supply Chain Manager

Duane has been with EGC for a little over two years and when you ask how other employees feel about him they come up with words like professional, helpful, curious and a good team member. But the newly created position of Supply Chain Manager demands that you are bigger than that… you’ve got to be organized.

“It’s the challenge of making sure that the right products and services remain at a level commensurate with the needs of the departments internal and external customers. You’ve got to be organized to deal with the things that happen every day,” says Duane.

His job is to manage the process, execution and maintenance of the supply chain. And he’s made some pretty remarkable changes like working with EGC’s partners on consolidation of orders, decreases in shipping and handling through better planning and improvements on inventory mix from pencils to raw materials. “We’ve made a lot of transactional improvements to our system that let’s us process more purchase orders and quotes than ever before and I’m real proud of that,” said Duane.

Duane has a 1990 BSBA degree from Bowling Green State University and a member and former president of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. He is the Councilman for Madison Village, Chairman for Madison Joint Recreation District, a coach for youth sports in football, basketball and baseball and former President of the Pre-School Parent Teachers Association. He has been married to his lovely wife for ten years, has a daughter and two sons and lives in Madison Village, OH.

Rob-GarlockRob Garlock

Product Development Engineer

Rob is the Product Development Engineer for EGC Enterprises and is responsible for designing, developing and testing of flexible graphite solutions for industry needs and other customer specific applications. He works closely with the research and development team and manages the progress on engineering projects.

“Rob is an extremely intelligent guy,” says Brian Biller, Chief Engineer, “and we’re real happy to have him on our team. He’s able to apply the things he’s learned to real life problems. Right now, Rob works mostly on fluid sealing products, particularly stem packing. But he’s also worked quite a bit on thermal systems applications. And, he’s very dynamic when engaged with EGC customers,” says Brian.

Rob’s mission is to engineer products that can be easily manufactured. “I think that’s the one thing that engineers forget. When you ask ‘how will you make it’ and the answer comes back ‘I don’t know’, that’s really unacceptable”, says Rob.

“As a senior project, my team and I worked with people with disabilities who were trying to squeeze product from a big bottle into a small, sample bottle”, says Rob. “It was very cumbersome even for people who had no disabilities. We designed a nozzle and a canister that made the process significantly easier and grew the profit margin for the company. We truly designed and manufactured something to make a difference.”

Rob graduated summa cum laude in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University . He has lived in Ohio all his life and currently resides in Chardon.

Sherri Shaw

Customer Service Manager

“This job is a beautiful match for me. “So says Sherri Shaw about the position of Manager of Customer Service. “It’s part of the business that’s responsible for delivering the ultimate EGC experience to the customer, and I just love it.”

According to Sherri, “we do all kinds of things to make sure that we exceed the customer’s expectations.” Like making certain that engineering and manufacturing can meet all customer requirements, developing pricing and a quotation, forging an agreement from the customer to initiate the purchase order, placing the order into the EGC system, acknowledging the customer and monitoring the activity to make certain that the order is on schedule and ships on-time.

What makes her job so much fun? “I really love to have face-to-face or phone-to-phone contact with the customer. There’s something about brining your team together, discussing a customer situation and ultimately solving problems. I think that’s what makes this job fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

In her more than 30 years of experience as a communications and customer service facilitator, she has worked for Keithly Instruments, Valtronic, GrafTech and studied Communications at Cuyahoga Community College. She has been married for fourteen years and has one son, two girls and lives in Aurora, OH.

32-LongMary Long

Inside Sales

“They need to talk with you,” beckons the receptionist. That’s what Mary Long, a 21 year veteran of EGC Enterprises, hears all day. And whether it’s a case for inside sales or customer service, Mary’s on-top of it.

“I’m trying to treat our customers and prospects the same way I’d like to be treated, with dignity and respect,” says Mary. “And I really like the variety of dealing with one person then another, checking on availability or with production, doing an estimate, sending shipment confirmations… it’s always something different and it’s really fast paced.”

When Mary first came to EGC she knew nothing about flexible graphite. Now, as part of the inside sales department, she’s an expert. “The truth is, I really like to make customers happy. I want to be professional, I want to be dependable and I want to make the customer feel confident that they can’t go anywhere else and get service like they do from EGC,” says Mary. “I get so many calls and e-mails that say ‘you’re the greatest’ or ‘you’re the best’ and that makes me feel like I’ve done my job to the best of my ability.”

In her free time, Mary is an Independent Sales Representative for Avon Products and loves to crochet. She lives on a three acre lot where she grows vegetables and flowers, has a dog, a cat, a bird and at least fourteen chickens. Mary has been married for 15 years and lives in Montville, OH.

31-SuttonLisa Sutton

Accounting Manager

Lisa is the Accounting Manager and is responsible for total supervision and control of daily general accounting functions. She oversees the completion of accurate and timely financial statements which is critical in developing information and analysis for managers and officers who monitor and improve business operations.

“Previous to this, I worked at an accounting firm doing taxes and I hated it,” said Lisa. “This job is terrific and I spend time doing far more than ‘accounting’. I work on cash flow, analyze financial statements, review fixed assets, oversee payroll and get involved with our insurance companies. It’s really different.”

But she keeps an eye on profitability by managing cost. “I’m involved in the process” said Lisa, “not just accounting. By managing cost, I keep the executive managers updated and tell then when a price increase or reduction is necessary or when it’s the right time to buy a new piece of equipment or stay with an old asset. So, it’s a constant watch,” said the manager of three.

Lisa has a Bachelor of Science degree from Cleveland State University and a Master of Science Degree from the Florida Institute of Technology. In her spare time she is a “quilter” and has recently illustrated a book (written by her sister) that’s due on book store shelves throughout the country. She has been married for 16 years, has three Labrador retrievers and lives in Lenox Township, Ohio.

35-McCluskeyMiriam McCluskey

Human Resource Manager

Miriam is responsible for the human resource plans and procedures at EGC Enterprises. In addition to providing candidates for each position, she administers the compensation program, handles benefits and employee counseling, maintains an affirmative action program and helps develop department goals, objectives and systems.

“People are so different and everyone is right for a particular job,” says Miriam. “My task is to maximize the skill of an employee in a job that they love to perform. It’s really nice to see people who you feel might excel and then, through time, watching their success. It happens time and time again.”

Miriam, who’s known by others at EGC as an organized team-player, feels she has a direct impact on making the company more profitable. “Whether it’s bringing on the right manager or employee or altering the benefits that make EGC more attractive, every employee makes a difference in how profitable a company can be.”

Miriam is a 1985 graduate of Miami University, been married for 20 years and lives in Chardon, Ohio. She has a daughter that sings and plays the piano and a son who is a percussionist in the marching and jazz bands. Obviously, she’s a big music booster in Chardon.

38-WyantPamela Wyant

Document Control Technician

Pam provides support to the engineering, production, shipping and quality departments by managing, organizing and updating relevant data through the use of spreadsheets and database applications. “I basically help these departments by giving them the most complete information available on each project,” said Pam.

Pam spent 30 years in industrial engineering first in rubber and then plastics processing. “I did a lot of cost accounting and document control,” said Pam. “I don’t actually write the orders but I put together all documentation and start with engineering and manage the process right down to the shipping department.”

“The customer benefit comes by being more reliable and efficient. It’s kind of a non-verbal chain reaction,” says Pam. “And profitability starts by being more productive, so I take some of the work off the shoulders of engineering and allow them to do what they do best, design products.”

Pam attends Lakeland Community College and has only three electives left before she receives her business degree (specializing in accounting). An avid reader, she’s been active on the behalf of the disabled in her church but now must be care for her 96 year old mother. She has been married for 24 years, quarters two “shelter” dogs and lives in Perry, Ohio.

Dan Monaco

Outside Sales Representative

Dan Monaco is a welcome addition to the EGC outside sales force. He’s the president of Technical Products Incorporated, a sales agency that is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and covers the eastern seaboard of the US.

Dan brings with him numerous years of sales and engineering experience in PTFE and metallic sealing products. Now, on the high-temperature end of the spectrum, he’ll be selling engineered flexible graphite to both the fluid sealing and thermal management applications.

Dan is calling on existing Original Equipment Manufacturing customers in the aircraft, aerospace, valve and pump manufacturers. He’ll also be looking for new opportunities in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

Dan is a member of the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association, a trade organization which helps those who aspire to be “professional” representatives.

Dan has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethleham, PA. He is married, has one son and lives in Orlando.

Chris Miller

Outside Sales Representative

Chris Miller is based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts and represents Technical Products Incorporated. He’ll be calling on EGC Original Equipment Manufacturers while looking for new business opportunities in the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Virginia and his own home state.

Chris will also cover the General Electric Aircraft Engine facility in Evandale, OH as it dovetails into his work with GEAE in Lynn, MA. In addition to developing the aerospace aftermarket business, Chris will also target Pratt and Whitney in Connecticut with an emphasis on developing the EGC engineering and technical presence.

Says Chris, “I represent a lot of aerospace work and a great deal with industrial, medical device and electronics corporations, so we’ll definitely pursue new opportunities because we’re trying to grow the business.”

Chris is a member of Manufacturers’ Agents National Association, a trade organization which helps those who aspire to be “professional” representatives. He lives in Hopkinton, is married and has wife and two sons. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana.