Thermacord® yarn is the secret to the worlds premium flexible graphite packing, joint sealant and EGC’s own Thermabraid®.  EGC is the premier manufacturer of flexible graphite yarns in North America producing the only product in the world, save those useing a metal jacket, with a maximum weight loss of 3%.  It’s an intricate process that combines a blend of flexible graphite, high purity yarns using proprietary joining technology.

Graphite is tough.  But over time, bonding agents disappear (with elevated temperatures) and when they do, you lose volume or mass, develop system leaks and find yourself having to re-torque the seal or packing.  So the math is pretty easy; more graphite equals lower weight loss and less maintenance.  And, since you’re buying Thermabraid and Thermacord by the pound, but using them by the foot, wouldn’t you prefer getting more sealing material?  We thought so.

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