Compression or Die Molding

Simply put, compression molded flexible graphite requires a precise amount of Thermafoil® ribbon neatly wrapped around a mandrel.  It’s then compressed and formed in a die requiring no heat or adhesives. The net effect is a resilient, high purity, density controlled, die molded graphite seal, ring or gasket.

Sounds simple, but it’s not.  It starts with years of EGC research and manufacturing and requires a complete understanding of flexible graphite.  And, it’s how our engineers, tool makers and process engineers design, craft and produce a product that has virtually no tensile strength, yet, when molded, has a fair amount of “spring-back.”

EGC knows how to maintain sharp edges and corners, eliminate flashing, control finished part tolerances and density better than anyone in the industry.  EGC has learned how to “composite” graphite with other materials such as metal caps, metal mesh and polymers to protect and enhance performance.  And, the capability at EGC allows production of seals with I.D.’s as small as 0.3 mm and  O.D.’s over 24”.  You can count on it.

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