Die or Die-less Cutting


Die or die-less cutting is used to make nearly every product at EGC. The truth is that every piece of material from our flexible graphite to polymers to metal needs to be cut once before it’s processed and again when it’s finished.  We use an in-house die team composed of absolute craftsman and some pretty sophisticated equipment to ensure that you get the product that you need exactly when you need it.

Tool and die makers design and manufacture steel rule, etched and solid dies to tolerance requirements that are extreme and can produce 100,000 pieces at a time.  Meanwhile, our die-less cutters can make an order as small as a single gasket or even a prototype at a fraction of the cost.

With presses up to 65 tons, we can cut on the roll or cut in single pieces. We can kiss-cut or slice through the material including metal.  And, we can cut with precision any material on our manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic presses.

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