EGC History

Creative Engineering

Bernie Casamento, Bob Rutherford and a “silent” partner, Bill Lockhart, began EGC in 1978 as a fluid sealing company. It was during a time when asbestos was on the decline and a new product from Union Carbide Corporation called Grafoil® was on the rise. EGC was granted the seventh license to manufacturer and distribute Grafoil Flexible Graphite and they began as a supplier to original equipment manufacturers.

In the mid 80’s, the market was overcome with a wide range of sub-standard products, primarily from offshore locations. Created under very strict guidelines and specifications, Thermafoil® , an EGC branded product, was developed to ensure that all customers received the absolute best material available.

EGC has always been an engineering company and in 1998 EGC, with the help of NASA, designed and patented a thermo-electric, in-flight ice protection system called Thermawing™ and ultimately received FAA approval. The three-year project led to the development of the Q-Foil industrial thin-film heaters and new markets including food service and medical equipment.

Today, EGC has rocketed out of the 2008 recession with an extremely strong performance and is again expanding with new infrastructure, new products and new markets.