Heat and Thermal Management


Q-Foil rapid response, thin film heaters have proven to be incredibly reliable over a broad range of applications where light weight, low profile heaters are absolutely a necessity. Q-foil starts with an inner layer of highly conductive flexible graphite sandwiched between a variety of insulating materials and then permanently bonded together. Compared to other technologies, Q-Foil provides a reduction in process times, superior thermal transfer characteristics and improved temperature uniformity with no localized hot spots.  Q-Foil heaters can outperform conventional metallic heaters by as much as 35% in time to temperature comparisons and, with thermal response rates of up to 100 degrees F/ second, can provide electrical energy savings of up to 50%.

Q-Foil Benefits

heat-and-thermal-imageThe difference between a graphitic and metallic surface heater is the willingness of a heating element to accept a temperature change. Metallic heaters have a positive temperature coefficient (PTC), which resists changes in temperature and creates uneven heating, hot spots and short lifespan.

Q-Foil heaters have a negative temperature coefficient (NTC).  It easily accepts temperature change and adapts to a state that is predictable and controlled. It can provide temperature uniformity, increased efficiency, faster time to temperature and greater durability.

Q-Foil is extremely efficient.  It spreads heat over a large surface area, compensates for thermal losses and promotes quicker time-to-temperature.  You can get more from your current circuits, reduce operating costs and through energy efficiency, protect the environment.

The temperature of Q-Foil is uniform.  Q-Foil is anisotropic which means that it transfers heat faster across the surface (30 times faster) than through the plane of the material.  That means there are NO hot spots.  And, Q-Foil reduces heat output in hotter zones and keeps the temperature uniform.

Q-Foil’s rapid heat and cooling saves energy.  Flexible graphite has an extremely low thermal mass so it stores no energy.  It will achieve the necessary heat in less that a second and cool down just as fast.  And without energy, it can be cycled quickly creating energy savings of up to 50%.

Q-Foil builds safe, long lasting heaters.  It does this because it runs cooler that many competing technologies and spreads heat over an area as large as 4ft. X 8ft.

Q-Foil Temperature Monitoring and Control System

Q-foil is a Sensor-less Control System that uses a simple on/off methodology to maintain a constant temperature across the heater zone.  It eliminates sensors, placed along the heating surface, and incorporates elements that control temperature directly from the heat source and more accurately deals with variable thermal loads. Without sensors, weight and size reduction are realized.  The wiring mechanism can be simplified for easy installation and the chance for controller damage, because of voltage feedback, can be eliminated.  It all adds up to increased controller life at a lower, per unit cost.

System Integration

Compared to metallic elements, Q-Foil is designed to provide uniform coverage over a large surface space.  If you application requires various temperature regions or zones, Q-Foil is easily configured to create differing watt densities all within a laminated single circuit.  And, several independent circuits can be incorporated in a single laminate to achieve greater control over your heating process.