Innovation and Creativity

Fostering Innovation

Innovation has been bred into EGC and we proactively implement creative and systematic enhancements to our products, services or process’.

Products like the VSG Pro have reduced cost to Power Generation, Pulp and Paper and Refineries. Programs, like FastTrac have improved delivery on nearly every product that’s manufactured. Processes, like the plasma cutter brings the tool-making process in-house. And Q-Foil Thin Film Heaters have helped developed a completely new market for flexible graphite.

Did you know that we created:

  • A non-elastic material that behaved like an elastomer.
  • VSG seals (produced in just a few hours) that eliminate power plant downtime and are cost competitive with metal seals.
  • Compressor blade seals that behave as elastomers yet function at temperatures in excess of 1,000º F.
  • Heaters that provide a uniform temperature profile while offering energy savings of up to 40%.
  • Graphite heaters large enough to deice the wings of  commercial aircraft.
  • Specialized seals that allow engine producers to consistently exceed fugitive emission requirements and beat Tier 4 EPA standards.
  • An efficient exhaust/slobbler seal for diesel engines.
  • Seals with an inside diameter as small as .oo16 of an inch.
  • Valve seals that function as high as 10,000 PSI.
  • Metal jacketed, flexible graphite O-Rings for jet engine fuel nozels.
  • Metal and flexible graphite composite seals for bleed air on jet engines.
  • A “one seal” gasket that controls the unit load and anti extrusion.
  • Tri-Clad metal and flexible graphite seals that are a soft, resilient, high temperature valve seat.
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