Encapsulated/Insert Molded Heaters

Who said water and electricity don’t mix?  EGC has learned how to do it safely. The secret is to over-mold thin-film Q-foil heating elements in plastic potentially creating internally heated end use products that can be safely used in moisture and fluids.  Today’s high tech plastics have good thermal transfer characteristics while performing as a dielectric boundary.  This combination of properties creates a safe barrier between the water and the heating element, while allowing excellent heat transfer (9 watts/in^2).  With this in mind, imagine internally heated food service and medical use devices that offer improved efficiency and more direct and uniform heating, while being dishwasher and sterilization safe.  And better yet, EGC understands how to incorporate thermal storage by use of additional materials in the molded unit. Once heated by the resistive or inductive flexible graphite element, the molded unit can slowly release heat over an extended time to act as a thermal battery and provide portability. Just think of the possibilities, keeping foods and fluids warm long after the power is removed.