Pressure Seals for Valve Bonnets

Designed as a resilient graphite bonnet gasket, the EGC pressure seal requires a significantly lower load than its metal counterpart and delivers superior valve sealing.  Constructed of high density Thermafoil flexible graphite and heavy gauge stainless steel top and bottom caps, the EGC pressure seal provides the ultimate in rugged performance in this extreme environment.  The steel caps offer strength, extrusion resistance and containment while the Thermafoil core conforms to irregular surfaces.  The graphite resilience acts as a high-temperature “spring” that continually maintains seal to cavity contact that’s crucial during times of thermal expansion and pressure cycling.  There is no need to resurface sealing surfaces and the pressure seal is easy to remove.  As all valve bonnet seals are custom engineered, it is critical that you complete and send (using the website or e-mail) the Pressure Seal Data Sheet.

Types of pressure seals for valve bonnets include:

Data sheets can be found at the end of each paragraph for the Standard, VSG and the VSG Pro Pressure Seals.