Compression Packing Systems

EGC’s compression packing products  are easy to install, saving time and reducing maintenance cost. The absence of braided end rings provides improved sealing and smoother valve operation. High density rings provide rapid and uniform load transfer to the gland follower and the sealing rings while the low density rings transfer this axial loading into radial force achieving positive stem sealing with minimal drag.

Cut and Coined

DGI Wire Mesh Rings

Die Cut Laminates

Die Molded Rings

Dynapack DCP High Cycle Stem Packing

Dynapack DCP-HP High Purity Stem Packing

EZP for Rotary Stem Valves

Integrated Stem Wiping System

Low Emissions Valve Packing

Pump Packing


Standard Valve Packing Sets

Stem Seals

Thermabraid Braided Graphite Packing

Thermacord Flexible Graphite Packing Yarn

Tri-Clad Double Corner Cap Seals

Tri-Clad Dual Cap Seals

Tri-Clad Metal/Graphite Seals

Tri-Clad O-Rings

Tri-Clad Single Cap Seals

Tri-Clad Single Cap Xtra Seals

Valve Stem Packing

Vapor-Lock Soot Blower

Wire Mesh Reinforced

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