Fluid Sealing Products

High technology fluid sealing is Thermafoil® / Grafoil® flexible graphite. It’s the only material we use in our designs. Its exclusive use has made our engineering expertise the most sought after in the industry. We serve the world’s technology companies in aerospace, automotive, petrochemical refining, and power generation.

Alta-P Multi-Layer High Pressure Gaskets

Balance Gasket

Balance Gaskets for Load Compensation

Control Valve Balance Seal Design

Cut and Coined

DGI Wire Mesh Rings

Die Cut Gaskets

Die Cut Laminates

Die Molded Rings

Die-less Cut

Dynapack DCP High Cycle Stem Packing

Dynapack DCP-HP High Purity Stem Packing

Engine and Exhaust System Seals

Engine Exhaust System Gaskets

Exhaust Seal

EZP for Rotary Stem Valves

Flange Gasket Design

Fly Ash Pipe Coupling Gaskets


H-Seal Ring Joint Gaskets

Integrated Stem Wiping System

Low Emissions Valve Packing

Pressure Seals for Valve Bonnets

Pump Packing


Standard Cut Gaskets

Standard Field Gaskets

Standard Flange Gaskets

Standard Pressure Seal

Standard Valve Packing Sets

Stem Seals

Thermabraid Braided Graphite Packing

Thermacord Flexible Graphite Packing Yarn

Thermaworks RCG Corrugated Gaskets

TOBV Seat Seals

Tri-Clad Metal Composite

Tri-Clad Metal/Graphite Seals

Tri-Clad O-Rings

Tri-Clad Seals

Tri-Clad Single Cap Seals

Turbine Engine Gaskets

Turbine Engine Seals

V-Band and Marmon Joint Seals

Valve Stem Packing

Vapor-Lock Soot Blower

VSG Graphite Pressure Seal

VSG Pro Graphite Pressure Seal

Wire Mesh Reinforced

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