High Temperature Seal Systems

Flexible graphite can play a pivotal role in high temperature sealing applications. Some of the key characteristics it has over metal is its ease of installation and removal, ability to seal numerous valve body and bonnet imperfections, and it performs with zero leakage 100% of the time.

Control Valve Balance Seal Design

Conventional Pressure Seal

Cut and Coined

DGI Wire Mesh Rings

Die Cut Laminates

Die Molded Rings

Die-less Cut

Engine and Exhaust System Seals

Fly Ash Pipe Coupling Gaskets

Pressure Seals for Valve Bonnets

TOBV Seat Seals

Tri-Clad Metal/Graphite Seals

Tri-Clad O-Rings

Tri-Clad Single Cap Seals

Turbine Engine Seals

V-Band and Marmon Joint Seals

VSG Graphite Pressure Seal

VSG Pro Graphite Pressure Seal

Wire Mesh Reinforced

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