After years of purchasing flexible graphite materials from other suppliers, EGC realized the need for tighter control to ensure that density, thickness and purity of the product were absolutely consistent. So, in 1985, EGC developed its own band that would revolutionize the “grading” of the material.  It’s called Thermafoil® Flexible Graphite and regardless of whether you’re a fluid sealing or thermal systems customer, it can reduce fugitive emissions and save you in excess of 40% on electricity because of its consistency.

Thermafoil begins with Mother Nature and is processed from mined graphite flake, which is then intercalated or chemically treated to create “layers” of structured elements. Thermafoil is then heated to a state of decomposition resulting in an eighty-fold expansion (exfoliation).  This creates a “worm-like” structure (like a fourth of July “snake”) that is compressed or calendared into flexible Thermafoil rolls and sheets.