Thermal Management


Q-Foil is comprised of thin layers of varying materials bonded to form heater laminates. The electro-thermal conductive inner layer of flexible graphite, also known as vermiform graphite, is typically laminated between a heat conducting outer layer, and an insulating layer that seals and protects. If you’re looking for solutions in thermal management, whether it’s deicing, mining, or a unique application, EGC Enterprises has a solution to fit your needs.

Encapsulated/Insert Molded Heaters

Induction Heating

Q-Foil E-Glass Construction

Q-Foil Polyester and E-Glass Construction

Q-Foil Polyester Construction

Q-Foil Polyimide and E-Glass Construction

Q-Foil Polyimide Construction

Q-Foil Silicone Construction

Q-Foil Tedlar Construction

Thermafoil Sheet and Roll

Thermafoil TIM Thermal Interface

Thermashield EMI/RFI Shielding

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